CoD 3 breakout: New footage and hot info

Video interview peers into Treyarch's Call of Duty 3 battle plan as the sequel preps for next-gen console warfare

Treyarch's Richard Farrelly, creative director on Call of Duty 3, has been found discussing the latest instalment in the first-person shooter series in a video interview interspersed with some typically explosive, grand-scale CoD gameplay footage.

In the interview, Farrelly explains that theme behind Call of Duty 3 is "to bring the player closer than ever to what we like to call the fury of battle". Reminding us that the sequel focuses on the Normandy Breakout campaign of 1944, he says that Treyarch is presenting the plot in a war-movie style, promising seamless presentation as players leap into the combat boots of soldiers from four different Allied armies.

"You play as four different soldiers, an American Infantryman, a Canadian Mechanised Infantryman, a Polish tanker and a British SAS commando - who actually you played in Call of Duty: United Offensive [CoD expansion]," Farrelly confirms. "Each solider has his own unique squad members that he's with so you get to know these guys and they all have personalities. You can see how each of these armies affects the other throughout the course of the game because... you play a couple of levels of the Americans, they do something that allows the Canadians to go forward and in turn they do something that allows the Poles to move forward. There's even some instances of characters from the other campaigns crossing over into different campaigns."

Toward the end of the video, we're also shown an example of the technology the developer's using for facial mapping in Call of Duty 3 and we get a brief glimpse of how the end results look in-game. Click this lovely link to view the video for yourself. We'll be getting our own first look at CoD 3 shortly, so keep 'em peeled for more info soon.