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Europe breaking Rule of Rose

Sony's survival horror - set in 1930's England - hitting home courtesy of 505 GameStreet

Assuming you even pay the slightest bit of attention to anything we say here, you'll know that we're sort of quite exicted about Rule of Rose - a puzzly survival horror game developed by Sony Japan, featuring a bunch of scary, scary little girls with a thing for hammers.

Although, admittedly, a nice lady from Edge magazine told us it was a bit bum while we were on holiday (sorry, E3) this year, we're still intrigued by its impressive mix of soupy atmpospherics, period drama and full-on, mind-pummeling wrongness - the latter of which seems to stem mostly from the game's stunning CGI sequences, produced by SHIROGUMI Inc., the company responsible for both Onimusha and Genji's cinematics.


Best of all, despite vanishing from Sony's own schedules, the game has resurfaced for European release and will now be published by 505 Gamestreet this October. In celebration, we've got a bunch of new screens from Rule of Rose which you can look at with your eyes.