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Virtua Tennis 3 screens make a racket

Sega slam dunks (oh wait, wrong sport) a volley (better) of new VT3 shots

Tennis! It's like football but different! See how much we (okay, I) know about sport at CVG Towers? So, with hugely enthusiastic indifference to the world of running around and hitting stuff with a bat (thing), we've got a bunch of new Virtua Tennis 3 screens courtesy of Sega.

Virtua Tennis 3, as you might know, is the third in Sega's popular Virtua Tennis series, which - in itself - is a series aiming to replicate the heady world of running around on the grass with strawberry's smeared on your chin and cream on your knees in the comfort of your own home. People seem to agree it does this rather well.

Anyway, Virtual Tennis 3 is set for release on PS3 and Xbox 360 in 'Spring 2007' - by which time, the sun will have probably gone in.