Medieval II hoists screenshot banner

Mass medieval battles of a Total War nature - we love it. Embrace The Creative Assembly's latest RTS

The usually great news ocean is drier than a nun's wimple this afternoon, but there's decent screenshot action going on and we're delighted that Sega's chosen to target our collective laps with the latest array of in-game image goodness from the quite frankly drool-inducing Medieval II: Total War. As you probably know, we're big fans of The Creative Assembly's Total War games here at Future Towers and this has us VERY EXCITED indeed.

A single shot of Medieval II's campaign map is accompanied by - here's the better bit - four screens of crazy mass battlefield mayhem. All we can say is: wow. We'll have more on Medieval II: Total War later in the week with a cheeky preview, so stay tuned. All being well, we should see The Creative Assembly's latest RTS masterpiece marching with pride into local games emporiums this November.