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Will Dubya start making sense now?

Could birthday gift of Brain Age and a DS Lite make Dubya lucid?

On the occasion of his sixtieth birthday, Nintendo has cheekily dispatched a goodie-bag to US President George "Dubya" Bush containing a DS Lite and a copy of Brain Age.

Bush is renowned for his tortured syntax and general mangling of the English language, which many people believe reflects some equally confused internal thought processes. Among the "Bushisms" he has uttered in the past are: "I can only speak to myself," and: "You never know what your history is going to be like until long after you're gone."

Could a daily work-out on Brain Age (the US equivalent of Brain Training) iron out those thought processes? Will Nintendo's newest handheld machine lead to a withdrawal of troops from Iraq and reasoned dialogue with Iran and North Korea, which both appear to be harbouring nuclear ambitions? We can but hope...