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New GTA IV fakery

Another 'screen' slips onto the 'net - clearly some people have too much time on their hands

Grand Theft Auto IV: ever since Microsoft confirmed its existence at this year's E3, the interweb has been alive with buzz, rumour and the usual horde of speculation about what Rockstar's next magnum opus will contain.

However outside of the logo, release date, the promise of episodic content on 360 and the odd hint on who might be working on the game, we really don't know a great deal more. However clearly some people are so excited by the prospect that they're not willing to wait and have started making their own GTA IV images.


That's the case this morning as, hot on the heels of the first bit of fakery a new alleged GTA IV screen has been doing the rounds over the weekend. It's total rubbish and not the real deal of course but we just thought we'd give you a glimpse so you can check it out for yourselves and snigger at this Photoshop foolery.

We quite like the copyright notices on this one, but really they're kidding no one. All prospective GTA IV fakers, you're brief now reads 'must try harder'.