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Eternal Darkness sequels an absolute yes

Silicon Knights confirms intention to follow-up its early GameCube survival horror classic - at some point

Back at the beginning of the GameCube's lifecycle, one of the most exciting games to hit the diminutive console was Silicon Knights' survival horror classic Eternal Darkness. Thanks to the developer's second-party status within Nintendo, many 'Cube fans saw the title as the beginning of a grittier, more adult focus for the console manufacturer, still battling with its supposed 'kiddy' image.

However, despite its game achieving something of a cult status, Silicon Knights eventually broke away from the Nintendo fold and hopes of a follow-up to the game were seemingly dashed. Now however, Silicon Knights' Denis Dyack has confirmed that the developer does indeed plan to revisit the Eternal Darkness universe in sequels.

Writing in his blog, Dyack commented, "I am most often asked if we have sequels in mind for Eternal Darkness. The answer is absolutely yes. Although this may not be obvious to those outside of Silicon Knights, anyone inside the guild understands that there is really no other answer."

Explaining Silicon Knights' development process, Dyack revealed, "When creating an original game we start by conceptualizing an entire universe. Once the universe is conceptualized we then tell a story within that world." Furthermore, "Although [the story in the original game was] just one story we had in mind for the Eternal Darkness universe, there are even more manipulations, great ancients, and numerous other stories to tell..."

While its news that's sure to excite fans of Eternal Darkness, it seems unlikely we'll be seeing the proposed sequels any time soon. With Silicon Knights still wading through its Xbox 360 Too Human trilogy, we'd wager that the developer's going to have its hands full for a good while yet.