Tony Hawk talks Project 8

The Hawkster himself spills on newest skate-a-thon Project 8

Tony Hawk is a living skateboarding legend. Although now retired from competition, his name and superlative skating style will live forever courtesy of the excellent series of Tony Hawk's games which began way back when (oh alright 2000) with Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. We popped an ollie, several McTwists and even a Flying Reversed Hamburger (alright we made that last one up) to hear the Hawkster talk about newest game, Project 8.

How excited are you about your new game - Project 8??

I'm very excited. We get to unleash the power of the newer consoles (Xbox 360, PS3) with the best motion, graphics and levels we've ever done. We have been doing extensive motion capture - and it shows!


What new features are you looking forward to most then?

Massive levels and graphics that look all too real. I'm also excited about our approach to this game: less storyline and more THPS-style goals.

What makes this different from every other Tony Hawk game in your opinion?

The gameplay is way better than anything we've done before. It's like controlling a skater in a movie!

Is there anything you can pull off in the game that you can't for real?

When you start stringing the hardest tricks together, you are no longer in the reality of skating - but that's what makes it fun. One of the hardest moves I've ever done is a 360
varial McTwist. You can do it in our game coming out of another trick and into a combo. I was happy to just make it once in real life!

What would you like to see in future skateboarding games?

Our games allow you to 'skate' in your own style, which is exactly the point of skating in general.