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Medieval 2 new movie and media

Fresh shots and movie lead the charge as Creative Assembly's medieval warrior prepares for total war

Medieval 2: Total War has to be our number one strategy outing for the PC this year. Being long standing veterans of the Shogun, Medieval (one) and Rome Total War games and having fought our way across their many and varied battlefields, to our battle scarred eyes, Medieval 2 is looking hotter than knight's plate mail underpants.

Besides, we have to say of its three predecessors, Medieval (one) was the game which probably pandered to our inner historical general most, with a huge variety of units and tactics and probably just about the most challenging and downright carnage-filled gameplay of the series.


As you probably know, Medieval 2 is set to extend the experience even further, with a chance to ultimately re-write history by expanding your medieval empire to the Americas and a battle for supremacy against the Aztec hordes. So we welcome this fine and upstanding selection of new Med 2 shots, like the distant sound of a relief column marching toward us during a particularly bloody siege.

Once you've checked them out, you should also have a good gander at the latest Chapter 1, Medieval 2 movie, where there's some crunching in-game combat and Lead Programmer Ken Turner gives you an intriguing overview of the title. Enjoy Creative Assembly fans, the total war is coming this November.