Outerlight contemplates The Ship 2, The Ship 360

MD Chris Peck reveals where the winds of future may well blow the dev's hunt 'n' murder-'em-up

Outerlight's game of hunt and murder aboard ocean liners, The Ship, could well be sailing into next-generation console port, CVG has learned.

With a PC version of the Source-powered title released over Valve Software's Steam service this week, it's an ideal time, we thought, to chase down Outerlight's managing director Chris Peck and grill him on the project. During detail spillage, peering into the future, Peck revealed that the developer will be "looking into doing an Xbox 360 version" of the game.

And that's not all. He went on to divulge that Outerlight is contemplating a version of The Ship for Microsoft's new OS Windows Vista, and hinted at sequel plans saying that the developer will also be "looking into The Ship 2".

Peck added that the future will find Outerlight "prototyping some other game ideas we have" too. Sounds like the boys and girls at the studio have a busy, busy time ahead. We'll be posting our full interview with Chris Peck on The Ship later today, so keep an aye-aye (heh, geddit?) out for it.

The Ship, just in case you were unaware, is primarily an online experience where players on-board ocean liners enter into a game of hunt and murder. You're given the name of another player, and you then have to hunt that person down with any weapon you can find and bump them off without being seen by security or your fellow passengers.