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Jaffe: God of War 2 "shaping up very, very nicely"

Greek-quel to Sony's slash-'em-up looking good enough to warrant a third game, apparently

God of War was, hands-down, one of the best game's of last year in our books, thanks to its deep, involving combat system, searing level design and stunning production values. Needless to say, we're itching to get our mitts on the sequel.

According to David Jaffe, creator of the series, it looks like God of War 2 is shaping up to be something special indeed (although you could argue he would say that). Posting in a recent blog entry, Jaffe revealed that the game is coming along "very, very nicely."

"I played a bunch of levels last week and it's really, really fun", Jaffe continued. "The art and music is much better than the first game and there is some damn fine level design going on in the new game."

In fact, Jaffe is so pleased with his team's work on God of War 2, he's sure a third game will be on the cards. Echoing sentiments expressed by game director Cory Barlog in our recent interview, Jaffe explained, "As Cory and I have said to the press, this is the second act of a bigger story. And when you are making a game, you never really know if the game will turn out good enough to merit another one in the series.

"But after last week, I can say I am very confident of our chances to be able to complete the GOD OF WAR trilogy. You never know, but that's me just putting it out there."