Test Drive Unlimited living the high-life

New lifestyle stuff gets a showing in Xbox 360 shots from Atari's 'Massively Open Online Racer'

For some reason, we're inexplicably excited about the fact that we get to buy a house, chat to people and dress up in posh frocks in Atari's upcoming 'Massively Open Online Racer', Test Drive Unlimited. Probably because we've always wanted to live the high-life of flash cars and sharp threads - either that or it's been too long since we last booted up our copy of The Sims.

Anyway, to show off all the lifestyle type shenanigans you'll be able to do in the game, Atari has unleashed a whole batch of new Xbox 360 screens, demoing stuff from buying a new pad to upping your fashion ante. There's also a peek at the Challenge Editor - oh, and a bit of actual driving thrown in for good measure.


Currently, Test Drive Unlimited is scheduled to hit the road this September on Xbox 360 and October on PC, PS2 and PSP. However why not enter our great Test Drive Unlimited competition where you can win yourself a free pre-release copy of the game, models of some of the saucy high end motors and a shiny Xbox 360 to play them on!