Warren Spector: I'd love to go back to Deus Ex

Plenty more stories to tell in the universe apparently - if only Eidos didn't own the IP

Fact: everybody loves Deus Ex - although not so much the slightly brainless sequel, but we don't really need to dwell on that one. Anyway, speaking exclusively to PC Zone, Warren Spector - the brains behind the game and other classics like System Shock and Thief - has revealed he'd love to return to the Deus Ex universe some day.

When asked if he wanted to explore the Deus Ex world further in the future, Spector revealed, "I wish I knew, but you'd have to ask someone at Eidos about that. I'd love to go back there, myself." He continued, "There are plenty more games to set and stories to tell in that universe. I miss the Dentons a lot... Hey, Eidos, wanna sell the IP?"


Frankly, we're all for more Deus Ex games (although we'd prefer it if they were more like the first) so, you know, come on Eidos - sell Warren that IP.

You can read the full interview - in which Spector discusses Junction Point, JC Denton, cartoon violence and the System Shock legacy - in the forthcoming issue (#171) of PC Zone, which hits shelves on Thursday July 20. You'll also find a massive exclusive Dark Messiah hands-on and Fantasy Special, including a Games Workshop feature and interview with Terry Pratchett.

Oh, and you'll also find a free fourteen-day World of Warcraft trial on the cover disc. Who could possibly ask for more?