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MS: '50 Live Arcade games by year end'

Xbox Live Arcade bigwig Greg Canessa reveals what's in store for the retro-tastic service

Last week Microsoft put some order into Live Arcade by announcing Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays, a new promotion which - funnily enough - sees Live Arcade receiving new titles on Wednesdays. Things jumped into action with Frogger appearing on Arcade on July 12, and so far it's been announced that Frogger will be followed by Cloning Clyde, Galaga, Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting and Pac-Man.

But naturally the Wednesday Live Arcade fun won't end there and according to Xbox Live Arcade group manager Greg Canessa Microsoft is targeting 30 Arcade titles "by the end of summer" and 50 "by the end of the calendar year."

Speaking to Microsoft's Major Nelson, Canessa explained that Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays is an initiative that's been done "in direct response to [the Xbox Live] community".

"We've been working pretty much in secret for a number of months on Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays - we did go dark for a little bit", he revealed, adding: "That's part of the reason why we've had a little bit of a drought over the last couple of months on Xbox Live Arcade."

According to Canessa, Live Arcade games will be entirely constrained to Wednesdays from now on and will be released at 8:00am GMT. However, Canessa noted that he cannot guarantee that a new title will hit every week: "..there may be a week that we skip and then a week where we release two titles," he said.

More new Live Arcade titles are set to be announced before the last of the initial five, Pac-Man, hits on August 9. We'll let you know when more Arcade games crop up.