Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs is one videogame adaptation that looks to be going for the jugular

Die-hard fans of Quentin Tarantino's 1992 heist-gone-wrong movie about sweary bank robbers in cheap suits will no doubt be intrigued by Eidos's adaptation of the film.

But you'd better watch how you tread. You can run around acting like cop-torturing mentalist Mr Blonde if you like - in fact, you can be him, along with all the other Mr Colours. Just don't expect the heist to go any better than it did in the movie (ie, very badly) if you do...

And the heist's the thing, after all. The game will concentrate on the the bit you don't actually get to see in the film - the bank job itself - from the perspective of every character involved. There's also a 'moral rating' feature, where you're rewarded for making shrewd decisions, rather than running around shooting everyone in the face and shouting rude words. You'll get to play as all of the Dogs, as well as Nice Guy Eddie and Joe Cabot, and because the game takes a typically Tarantino-style non-linear approach, you'll be playing through intersecting storylines and unfurling the plot in much the same way the movie did.

The 'moral' aspect will also mean you'll have to be careful what you point your guns at and how you drive. There's also a threat system, whereby you can assess just how far you can push the authorities before having to shoot them (in the face). You can even take hostages and manipulate hostage situations by issuing threats to the police.


The more you control the situation, the more likely that the hostages will get out alive. Thing is, your ability to perform is affected by your adrenaline meter. The higher it gets, the more twitchy and nervous you become. By finding the best area in a building to gain the upper ground and control of the situation, the more likely it is everything will go smoothly. And once you've done the business and swiped the booty, it's car chase time!

Yup - no self-respecting urban crime game would be complete without a driving section. We're not entirely sure what this new dynamic will add to the game - but we hope it's done properly. There's nothing like a wonky car section to bring a decent game clattering down upon itself.

Whether you use wheels or make your getaway on foot, the adrenaline meter comes into play once more. Whereas in a hostage situation adrenaline must be controlled through subtle taunts and threats to keep the cops at bay, when you're out on the street it can be used in something Eidos is calling the 'bullet festival'. This is where you can work your character into a killing frenzy, unleashing devastating 'crowd control' techniques. Nice. We're guessing these will be suitably gruesome, judging by the ear-lopping incident in the film.


Featuring all the super-cool music from the movie, (Little Green Bag, Stuck In The Middle With You), as well as voice talent from Michael Madsen, reprising his role as ear-chopping headcase Mr Blonde, Reservoir Dogs is one videogame adaptation that looks to be going for the jugular.