The Guild Wars continue in Nightfall

ArenaNet slaps official title on third Guild Wars game, invites the series' fans to a 'first look' PvP event

Guild Wars Nightfall is the official name for ArenaNet's third chapter in its MMOG saga, the developer's confirmed today, telling us that the latest instalment in the series is already being prodded and poked in beta testing.

Accompany this news is an invitation to Guild Wars players to whip out the wands and blades in a PvP preview event scheduled for July 28 through to July 31, 2006, which will let fans experience Nightfall for the first time.

Spilling further details about the event, ArenaNet's explained that participants will get to try out the Dervish (a scythe-wielding holy warrior) and the Paragon (guardian angel of the Elonian people), two new professions being introduced in Nightfall, along with new arenas. In addition, "players will also be able to compete for items that will be exchangeable for a variety of rewards throughout the weekend event."

A very nice render of the new Paragon profession

"Guild Wars Nightfall will continue the tradition of inviting players to immerse themselves in an epic storyline centered in a vibrant fantasy setting, build personalised characters, compete in head-to-head battles with players from around the world, and find adventure in missions and quests, in a Guild Wars game unlike any player have seen before," ArenaNet has added about its latest project.

Finally, we're certain you'd appreciate expanded word on the new Paragon and Dervish professions, so here's that word below - it was handily served to us on a PDF (which explains why 'armour' is spelt wrong - but hurrah for copy and paste anyway):

The Paragon: The Paragon is a brilliant battle commander who wields a shield and throwing spears, using a variety of verbal chants and shouts to provide temporary empowering boosts to themselves and their allies. Through their insight, Paragons can also help allies resist hexes and conditions. The Paragon's armor is ornate and usually made of a mixture of metal and leather inset with ivory, mother of pearl, and other semiprecious materials. Paragon armor has an angelic motif, usually in the form of wings engraved onto the metal plates.

Paragons are the guardian angels of the Elonian people, chosen by the gods to serve as emissaries among mortals and serve as that land's champions against malevolent threats. Each has experienced an event in their early lives where they should have died, but did not. They ascribe their survival to the gods themselves, and dedicate their lives as the gods' servants in the mortal world.

The Dervish: Dervishes are scythe-wielding holy warriors who can attack multiple enemies at once. Because the broad sweep of a swinging scythe can strike multiple foes at once, the Dervish seeks the very heart of a battle. The Dervish will calmly and intently cast spells on themselves even while surrounded by foes, and suddenly unleash a flurry of devastating, whirling, scythe attacks. The Dervish has a variety of combat-related enchantments and inherent healing and protection abilities. Their greatest power, however, is that of transformation. The Dervish, when roused, may channel divine powers and change their form to temporarily become the physical embodiment of a god.

Hey look, it's the Dervish

The Dervish's attire is a testament to the dual nature of the Dervish as both a priest and a warrior. They wear a robe to show their faith in the divine, bracers to demonstrate their prowess in combat, and a hood to mark their humility before the gods. This garb provides limited armor, but the Dervish is shielded in battle by their agility and by the enchantments that they cast upon themselves. These enchantments make them resistant to injury, turn aside the attacks of their foes, and lend elemental power to their attacks.