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Breaking news in NBA Live 07

EA announces yet more collaborations with ESPN for the forthcoming NBA Live 07

Great news sports fans! As you may already know, EA recently announced that it's collaborating with US sports channel ESPN on the forthcoming NBA Live 07, a partnership that'll provide you with access to ESPN Sports Centre Updates every twenty minutes via your Xbox 360 or PS3.

However, as you may not already know, EA has now revealed two further ESPN-related features that'll be available to you in the game.

"We'll be providing live streaming ESPN podcasts," explains Brent Nielsen, NBA Live 07's senior producer. "You'll be able to go and fire up the radio if you want to listen to any of your favourite items like The Dan Patrick show or Mike & Mike in the Morning."


Brent's also revealed that that you'll be able to access ESPN broadcasting straight from your next-gen console by accessing ESPN clips that'll be updated every hour, meaning you'll never have to miss another touchdown, home run or three pointer ever again. Well, that's relief, then.