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The Da Vinci Code

A third-person, Broken Sword-style clue-hunt-'em-up that has decent moments

Similar to that feeling you get when you realize you're about to stand in dog shit but can do nothing to prevent it, the feeling you get when you're faced with the official game of the crap movie of the decent book is one of worry - especially when it's released alongside its silver screen companion, suggesting that the fundamental influence in the game's development was cold, hard cash.

Rather amazingly however, The Da Vinci Code isn't entirely unappealing. Like realising it was actually a plastic joke-poo you stood on, then turning to your friends, laughing and giving them two thumbs up before walking off happier than before. If you haven't read the bestseller, the maddeningly twisty plot will keep you on edge throughout the game - probably its best appeal. Following the plot of the papery opus closely, the game lifts dialogue, characters and settings right out of Dan Brown's novel and places them in a third-person Broken Sword-style clue-hunt-'em-up.


Not surprising really, since Broken Sword creator Charles Cecil was on board for development and it shows in places. Despite feeling like a rushed PC conversion, The Da Vinci Code is an enjoyable adventure. Action sections are passable, and the game's logic puzzles managed to attract a crowd of baying amateur cryptographers. While it lacks the charm and cleverness of the Broken Sword games, it retains the compelling one-more-chapter allure of the novel.

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