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SpellForce 2 weaves expansion magic

Add-on for the RTS-RPG currently in production and preparing to march out this winter

RTS-RPG hybrid sequel SpellForce 2: Shadow Wars scored a very decent 76% in the pages of PC Zone magazine (read the review here) and so, while we've not exactly toured the streets asking the public if they bought it, we're sure it fared reasonably well. Anyway, those who did rush out their front door in apoplectic glee upon its arrival will be glad to hear that a SpellForce 2 expansion is out this winter.

Going by the name SpellForce 2: Dragon Storm, the expansion doesn't break out of the RTS-RPG formula but does find players fighting for control of magic portals "which seem to be the only connection between the shattered islands of Eo", it says here. The new adventure will also involve searching for the font and... Oh look, it's probably going to involve saving the universe while running around firing spells and fwapping monsters with big swords. Oh, and there'll be dragons waging war in it too. Apparently.