New trailer: Dead Rising

It's one man against the zombie masses, and things are going to get VERY GORY!

Dead Rising, a game of blood, gore, dismemberment and black humour is, it has to be said, an office favourite. We embrace it with huge arms of love. Why? Well a) because, well, zombies rock. But b) they rock with bells and grating power chords on when you blow their stupid rotting heads to bloody smithereens with a mighty shotgun blast and slice them in half with a well-aimed axe blow to the torso.

Anyway, before we have Mary Whitehouse rising from the grave and berating us for extolling Dead Rising's extreme violence, we'll move swiftly on to the reason we're here: a new trailer of Capcom's Xbox 360 game. A setting-the-scene style movie, we see hero and freelance photographer Frank West aboard a chopper on approach to the scene of zombie breakout and the shopping mall where the game's action takes place.

Enjoy. Zombie invasion commences on September 8.