WarioWare team shakes up the 'net

New GBA rhythm actioner from the makers of Nintendo's most bonkers franchise gets a home on the web

Nintendo, bless its kind and benevolent heart, has conjured up a brand new site for its latest GBA title, Rhythm Tengoku - a (gasp) rhythm action game from the team behind the rip-roaring WarioWare games.

Rhythm Tengoku, as far as we can tell from the brief but barmy video on the site, follows the same formula as WarioWare, taking the form of a bunch of hugely stylised mini-games - only, this time around, there's no Wario and you're tasked with tapping the GBA's buttons in time with the music.

A cursory glance around the Japanese website reveals that the game is set to hit stores in the East in August 3, and there's some slightly bonkers gameplay footage as well as what appears to be the Rhythm Tengoku dancing around while some woman shouts at them.

No news yet whether we can excpect to see Rhythm Tengoku over here, but import fans should keep that eyes on our friends at to get some of that good old rhythmic loving.