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Alien Hominid hitting Xbox Live, Castle Crashers on the way

The Behemoth's 2D actioner making its way to Xbox Live Arcade, with a brand new title in development for next year

Starting life as a 2D Flash game on website Newgrounds, The Behemoth's side-scrolling actioner Alien Hominid has grown into an irrepressible monstrosity with versions appearing on Xbox, GameCube, PS2, GBA and even mobile phones. Now, it seems the game is set to make a triumphant return to the world of digital distribution, with Alien Hominid set to arrive on Xbox 360 via Live Arcade Marketplace.

According to developers Tom Fulp and Dan Paladin, speaking to Game Informer, a host of new features will be added to the Xbox 360 version, including widescreen support and higher-resolution graphics. Alongside that, the duo is promising some "extra funs stuff", as well as considering online multiplayer functionality.

However, that last one's not a dead cert yet, with Fulp explaining, "It's just scary. We started playing with the multiplayer stuff. We could definitely do it but you have to deal with all of the stuff where someone has lag and everything else has to catch up."

While Alien Hominid for 360 is set for release later this year, The Behemoth is also currently working on a new title - set to hit Xbox Live Marketplace early 2007 - known as Castle Crashers. The four-player beat-'em-up sees you controlling knights with elemental powers through a stylised medieval landscape. Paladin reveals of the story, "You're more out to just destroy everything and find out where it is. You don't really have any idea where you're going. The guys are kind of like antiheroes. You still root for them, but they're not really being very straightforward about it."

For more on Castle Crashes, you can check out the official website, featuring a bunch of new screens and a gameplay movie, amongst other things.