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Carol Vordeman's Sudoku

It's Sudoku. With Carol Vordeman in it. And it ain't so bad, if you like Sudoku. And Carol

See Carol wearing a tight black number! Listen to her recount the history of Sudoku and speak Japanese! Stare at her bosoms as they desperately try to spill out of her low-cut tops! OK, so even the presence of Phwoarderman won't turn Sudoku into a sexy game, but those obsessed with their 9x9 grids will find this a perfect way to while away the hours.

First and most importantly there's an excellent tutorial, with the lovely Carol explaining how the grid is set up, the rules, tips for solving the easy puzzles, and an example grid solved from start to finish.

Of course, the beauty of Sudoku is that each puzzle tests your process of elimination
rather than your mental arithmetic, making the whole puzzle solving process immensely satisfying.


We can't imagine anyone wanting to sit in front of the TV to play Sudoku on PS2, but on PSP it's an ideal replacement to a cumbersome newspaper. The numbers are big so you don't have to squint, and mistakes can be erased with a button press. Simple and addictive.

The verdict

A perfect PSP time-waster that you'll find difficult to put down. Plus, it's got Carol in it!

PlayStation Portable
Atomic Planet
Empire Interactive