Killer 7's Wii game revealed

Suda 51's new Wii title exposed thanks to a crazy trailer - lots of blood and cel-shading included

Goichi 'Suda 51' Suda's long-promised Wii title, Heroes has finally been revealed in a gorgeous-looking debut trailer freshly-unleashed at TGS this weekend.

The game is a collaboration between Japanese trio Spike, Marvelous Interactive and Suda's own studio, Grasshopper Manufacture, most famous for the mind-bending PS2 and Gamecube actioner Killer 7. Not much is known about Heroes at present, but as expected, the trailer reveals a unique art style, dodgy American voice-acting and more blood and gore than your average Tarantino flick.

We'll let you know when the first Heroes gameplay info hits, which will hopefully happen a ways before its Summer 2007 release date.