PS3 seeks Oblivion

Betheseda's all consuming, life-swallowing RPG set to debut as a PS3 launch title?

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, has been a seminal release on both PC and Xbox 360 this year, re-inventing the RPG for the next generation and re-invigorating a genre which had too few 'must have' titles to appeal to a wider audience.

Well, as we reported in April, it seems potential PS3 owners won't be denied their share of the spoils either, with a new product page on US retailer GameStop listing a PS3 version of the game, with a launch date set for the sixth of November, confirming earlier whispers that the title would hit PS3 and PSP.

It's no real surprise, given Oblivion's success on other formats, but quite a delight to see it confirmed in virtual print (well if GameStop aren't whistling out of their nether regions that is). So what can we expect from Oblivion on PS3? Well naturally we've put in a call to Take-Two to try and confirm the existence of the PS3 version, but since they're not answering their phones this morning, we can indulge ourselves in a little harmless speculation.

There's almost certainly going to be downloadable content which has proved such a success on Xbox 360 but who knows if existing modules like The Thieves Den will be included or come as optional extras. More intriguingly, will it attempt to make use of that tilt functionality for some sword swinging action? Only Bethesda knows, but - for the moment at least - it's not saying.