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B2142: exclusive screen explosion

Six exclusive new screens showing hot mech action and Titan assaults in DICE's futuristic battlefield blaster

We've always been big fans of DICE's Battlefield series, appreciating its searing combat and combined arms action. Now with newest entry in the series, B2142, offering futuristic warfare aboard giant floating Titans and senior producer Marcus Nilsson promising to iron out the bugs which bedevilled B2's release, we're really looking forward to some extended tours of duty on the new front.

We also recently spoke with producer Jamil Dawsari (check out part one of our extended interview and the concluding part too), to get some inside info on the game.


Only a little belatedly, EA has rewarded our endeavours with some exclusive new screens which showcase some storming vehicular and big mech action, as well as giving you a glimpse of the Star Wars-like encounters you'll face when storming one the game's impressive Titans.

After a fairly decent go on the multiplayer version of the game at DICE's Stockholm HQ, we can report things are shaping up rather nicely with the inclusion of mechs making for a stonking combat experience on the surface and the new Network Battlefield already working nicely to give you even more incentive to team up for some prolonged enemy bashing. We'll try and bring you an extensive report in the very near future, but for the moment enjoy the screens.