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Grab the mic for SingStar PS3 trailer

Brand new trailer shows off Singstar PS3's iPod-style download service

Sony has released a brand new SingStar PS3 trailer this morning showing off the game's brand new next-gen features, including an iPod-style download service.

Along with the download service, the video shows off the PS3's revamped microphone, which comes in a new sleek, silver design with increased sensitivity compared to the current model. With this new extra-sensitive mic and the huge choice offered by the PS3 download service, our post-pub rock ballads are going to sound better than ever. Particularly given Sony's plans for a new wireless mic to accompany Singstar, we'll be able to shake our booty in complete freedom.

There's no official date for SingStar PS3 yet, but we reckon it'll be inked in for release alongside the console launch in November.