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Bizarre Creations

Bizarre's head honchos Sarah and Martyn Chudley talk PGR 3, Geometry Wars and secret new shooter The Club

Meet Sarah and Martyn Chudley! They're married and are the bosses of Bizarre Creations. They probably met 'through work' which is pretty amazing as there's only about three women working in the games industry, and all the men are usually too shy to speak to them. Anyway, they're both so nice and approachable they did this great interview for us and didn't even ignore the stupid questions like most people do. Cheers, guys!

How's the response been to Project Gotham Racing 3?

Pretty good, thanks - we're pleased with the reaction, especially as it was pretty high stress getting it finished to the point where we were happy with it alongside the hardware, in time for launch! But it still seems to be selling well, which hopefully means that people are enjoying it and the word's getting round!

The Club, more concept art from Bizarre's new shooter

Is it a pain having Xbox Live? It means your work is never finished, what with patch demands, new downloadable content and extra stuff...

Not if you plan for things beforehand! It's great knowing it's there as you can plan to do downloadable content for the game, and code that in from the start. Then it's just a case of adding in the new content afterwards, when it gets finished. So we have people who have been working specifically on DLC for PGR3, but that was planned beforehand, so it's not affecting any other development really. And obviously Xbox Live is what makes games even better value for money for us as gamers too!

Have you ever tried to blag a free car? You could say you need one for 'research' or something.

All the time! But it's never worked (not long-term, anyway), although we have managed to get some fantastic cars on loan. For example, for our press day the nice chaps at TVR brought a couple of cars to our office, and Noble lent us an M14 as well. So at least we could pretend a bit...

Have you blagged any high-def TVs? You really do need them for work purposes!

Again, only on loan! We're getting crap at blagging in our old age! They were lovely TVs, but unfortunately, as much as we begged, Microsoft wanted them back. We do still have some that the programmers and artists use, but we had to cough up for them ourselves, just like most other bits of development kit.

How do you think it's been going for Xbox 360 in general so far?

It's been a pretty amazing start, with some very strong games around launch, and some even stronger ones on the way to the shelves soon. Xbox 360 had a great showing at E3 this year too, and really showed it was a console that's firmly planted its feet into the marketplace, ready to take on all challengers.

The Club, concept art from Bizarre's new shooter

And it's interesting to look at how it's been working its way into the non-gaming world too. Have you noticed how the term 'Xbox' has made its way into popular culture in the same way that the term 'PlayStation' did all those years ago? It's now often referred to on episodes of The Simpsons - and, heck, Ian Beale's lot on EastEnders may drink generic beer and watch generic TV, but even they have an Xbox to play on now!

Are you looking forward to PlayStation 3 and whatever that stupid wavy new Nintendo thing is called?

Yes, of course we're looking forward to them, as anyone who likes games will be doing. The Wii seems to be aiming at a slightly different market than the Xbox 360 though, so it'll be interesting to see if people get a Wii to go alongside their other console or not.

Xbox 360 will still be best though, won't it? Please say yes!

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