Mercenaries 2

The dogs of war are back for a second outing and this time it's the World that's In Flames on 360

World in flames has so far only been announced for PlayStation 3, but although we can't actually tell you why, we've got it on very good authority that it will be Xbox 360 bound, even if there's a short PS3 exclusive period first. Pandemic haven't even signed a publisher yet, but we can tell you that it won't be LucasArts/Activision again.

Only Mattias, a character who survived the first game, has been revealed so far, but shady silhouettes in official wallpapers reveal a team of four this time, and it looks like a second woman will be joining the previous team of three ExOps mercenaries, possibly as a sniper. We'd bet from the silhouettes that strong-but-slow Chris Jacobs will return, along with stealthy Hong Kong femme fatale Jennifer Mui and this fourth mystery woman.


World in Flames will also add an exciting new online co-op mode - and we're hoping for all four players! The sequel is set in a Venezuelan warzone of the near future, where a local tyrant has seized valuable oil supplies, sparking a conflict of pure greed.

The sequel will be even more freeform than the original and you can set up your own private military company to employ more mercs for contract work. Using them for retribution may become necessary as some employers change their minds about payment post-job. And with satellite-guided mini-nukes at your disposal, they could pay very dearly for crossing you.

A single, seamless world is promised that's larger than the combined areas of every mission in the original, while every action has a reaction that ripples through the whole game. Fire and water both play larger roles than before, underwater travel is promised and a flame technique allows you to spill fuel around enemies before lighting it, Indiana Jones-style! That's your lot for now, but we'll be keeping a close eye on Mercs 2's progress and be bringing you more in the very near future.