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Disgaea 2 trails across the 'net

KOEI unleashes a brand new gameplay and character trailer for its uber-hardcore turn-based strategy sequel

If you're the kind of person who sleeps with your calculator and starts frothing in the pants when somebody slings a bunch of numbers your way on a whim, you've probably already relished the joys of Nippon Ichi's uber-hardcore turn-based strategy fantasy RPGs.

Although we'll readily admit we're not quite smart enough to keep track of all the stats the developers' titles regularly throw our way, we're looking forward to Disgaea 2 immensely - largely because we've had great fun being utterly bewildered by Nippon Ichi's previous title Makai Kingdom recently.

In celebration of the game's European release on PS2 later this year, KOEI has unleashed a brand new trailer, serving the dual purpose of introducing some of Disgaea 2's characters, as well as showing off some of its gameplay shenanigans. Check it out on this page, eh?