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Vice City Stories boxed, plot details revealed

Pretty-looking box art revealed for the next handheld GTA, plot details hints

With Liberty City Stories still sitting pretty as the top selling PSP title, it was no surprise when RockStar announced we'd also be returning to the fashion horrors of the 1980s with the release of Vice City on the PSP.

Now the GTA developer has finally offered further concrete details on Vice City Stories, with the release date re-confirmed for October 20th and the pretty-looking PSP box art unleashed here for your viewing pleasure.

The keen-eyed amongst you will notice a few returning characters on the PSP version's box, including biker, "Big" Mitch Baker (originally voiced by Lee Majors), Cuban gangster Umberto Robina (originally voiced by Desperado's Danny Trejo) and gangster Colonel Cortez, originally voiced by Robert Davi (License to Kill).


A character resembling Cortez's right-hand man is also pictured, but he was killed off in the original PS2 game. His appearance on the PSP box and the youthful looks of the other characters, suggests that perhaps Vice City Stories may be a prequel to the events of the PS2 game. Fortunately there's only a few months left to find out if our wild speculations are correct...