Clover paints new Okami trailer

Prepare yourself for a visual treat as Okami struts its stuff in a pretty PS2 gameplay trailer

If you're yet to see Clover's arty-adventure game, Okami in action, then prepare yourself for a visual tour-de-force as we present you with over three minutes of one of the prettiest PS2 games ever.

Coming from the mind of Viewtiful Joe producer, Atsushi Inaba, it's no surprise that Okami's cel-shaded visuals look so impressive. But look past the graphics and the game itself offers plenty to thrill; as a wolf-bodied sun god you're tasked with bringing life back to the world, which essentially involves killing lots of beasties and using the game's giant, spitual paintbrush to scribble your drawings across plants and trees. Unusual to say the least.

Okami is currently penned for release this September in the US, with a European release following sometime in Q3. Enjoy the trailer. We did.