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LMA details primed for kick-off

LMA Manager 2007 gets (Graham) tailored to suit the demands of PS2, Xbox 360 and PC - screens inside

Are you David O'Leary? Do you want a job? Okay, so it won't be a real one with real money, but provided you have a PS2, PC or Xbox 360 nicely accommodated into your lounge set-up, LMA Manager 2007 will give you an entertaining grasp of what you'll be missing over the next few months.

Codemasters has just released a Ronaldo-sized batch of screens and details regarding the popular footie management sim, which is out for PC, Xbox 360 and PS2 at the end of September. Apparently, we can expect free downloads for up-to-date stats from August onwards, a new game database engine, a 3D match section and 'the most realistic training system yet'.


In addition, the PC and Xbox 360 versions have swelled-up to include teams from over 50 countries, with the added bonus of organising overseas pre-season tours. According to the blurb, this will even descend as far as suffering the indignation of watching your drunk stars let off hotel fire extinguishers and "misbehave in bars across New Zealand, Japan and Korea'.

But it doesn't end with bar-room carnage, either; the PC and Xbox 360 versions will benefit from multi-threading technology to improve the pace of the game, plus give you the ability to watch 3D highlights from all games in your division. Further details can be found at the official site here.

In the meantime, run a swift rule over these screens in the countdown to kick-off.