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Mizuguchi hints at new Rez game

Could a sequel to Mizuguchi and Sega's acclaimed psychedelic music shooter be in the works?

We're not alone in our love for Sega's synaesthesia shooter Rez, but for all the critical acclaim the unique PS2 and Dreamcast music game received, it didn't do very well when it came to flogging copies in the shops.

Thankfully for Rez fans though, it looks like dreams of a base-pumping sequel could soon become a blissful reality, according to hints dropped by former Sega producer Tetsuya Mizuguchi.

Speaking to 1UP, the mastermind of Rez and Lumines hinted that a Rez sequel could be on the way. When asked about the possibility of a follow-up, Mizuguchi cryptically said "Stay tuned! [laughs] Cut!" Raising our hopes and sending our imaginations wild with dreams of a visually and aurally spectacular Rez revival.

Joining the Rez discussion, Shuji Utsumi, CEO of Mizuguchi's new Lumines-spawning studio, Q Entertainment then piped in to suggest that perhaps the Dreamcast was not the right platform for the outlandish music shooter: "I loved Rez. But Rez was like three steps ahead of [its] time," he commented. "[Mizuguchi] mentions Rez a lot, which was critically successful, but it didn't work out commercially. We talk about it, like 'Was it the right product or the wrong product?' The conclusion was that the stage was wrong, and we need the right stage to show it."

Of course, even if Mizuguchi and co. did find a platform for Rez that they were happy with, the rights to the franchise still remain firmly in the hands of Sega. For a sequel to come from Mizuguchi, a partnership would first have to be formed with his old employer.

Still, here's hoping that we find out what his vague hints are all about sometime soon.