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New Armed Assault screens prep for battle

Fresh shots for Bohemia's successor to Flashpoint, already looking to be shaping up rather nicely

Yesterday we brought you a massive Armed Assault preview, with an in-depth look at the spiritual successor to the awesome Operation Flashpoint, where Martin 'The Kordinator' Korda, joined Jiri Rydl, from publisher Idea Games for a prolonged peer into Armed Assault's splendid looking future.

Unfortunately, due to a technical gremlin in the works, (or it may just have been sinister Commie infiltration) we couldn't bring you the latest hot new shots from the game, but that's a situation we're happy to rectify today with a splendid salvo of three crunching new screens for you to feast your eyes upon.


During the Kordinator's preview, he was a little less than sanguine about the game's visuals (a criticism indeed which was levelled at the original Flashpoint), but this fine array of new shots would seem to suggest there's little cause for concern. Decent graphics and awesome military action featuring dozens comrades in arms as you battle the Commie menace? Suffice to say we're almost frothing with excitement. We'll bring you more on Armed Assault in the very near future but - if you haven't seen the recent movie - eyes right soldier! You won't be disappointed at what Bohemia has in store.