Kojima developing on Smash Bros. Wii?

Metal Gear Solid supremo apparently designing Snake's Smash Bros. Brawl stage on Nintendo's next console

If Wii fans weren't already a-tingle over news that Hideo Kojima's grizzled action hero Snake, of Metal Gear fame, was heading to the console, courtesy of Nintendo's highly anticipated Super Smash Bros. Brawl, there could be even more reason to get their knickers in a knot now.

According to reports whizzing round the 'net, the latest issue of magazine Nintendo Power has word that Kojima's involvement with the game won't end after he's signed off the rights to get Snake prancing fist-to-face with Mario et al. Apparently, the Metal Gear supremo will be designing Snake's Smash Bros. stage himself: "If you want to talk about something big, how about the news Hideo Kojima, Snake's creator, is designing Snake's level in Brawl? Snake's inclusion means we're not only getting one of the best characters in gaming, but one of the best developers as well."

Exciting, no? With Kojima at the helm, there's every chance Snake will recieve one of the finest fighting debuts the series has seen yet. Question is though, will the developer's finally honed talents manage to surpass our very favourite Smash Bros. stages (which we were about to list, before realising we had way too many)? Only time and, indeed, actually playing the game will tell.