End of E3 in sight?

Reports suggest that the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo may have had its day

As exciting as the annual journey to LA for E3 is, it's not quite the holiday people might think. Despite the obvious thrill of going hands-on first with some of the biggest and best games and consoles, the endless man hours, flat-foot trekking and fetid stench of thousands and thousands of bloated game journos occassionally makes us wish the whole thing would just go away.

But what's this? According to our colleagues at, E3 as we know it may well have had its day - in its current form at least. According to the report, many major publishers have pulled out of next year's show, growing tired of the the financial burden each one brings, sparking talks with ESA president Doug Lowenstein to resolve the issue.

Meanwhile, trade mag MCV quotes a 'senior industry insider' as stating that, "Costs have been getting out of hand. We're talking double digit millions for some of us. But that's not just floorspace, of course - it's build, parties, hotels, flights. Security, particularly, has become a massive cost."

Elsewhere, GameSpot claims that E3 will be downsized, rather than ditched. According to the site and its own source, the event will see a move from the massive halls of the LA Convention Centre. Instead of all the usual pomp and glitz, E3 will focus more on a meeting room-style event, providing a better environment to showcase games.

Whatever the outcome, it seems an official statement from the ESA is due later today when all will be revealed regarding the future of the industry's biggest event.