PS3 "too expensive", says Microsoft Japan bod

Eyebrows remain unraised as MS Japan chief has a pop at Sony's next-gen console

In news so crushingly predictable, we should probably have written this story up randomly one quiet afternoon when there wasn't much else to do, Microsoft's Japanese Xbox 360 general manager Takahashi Sensui has lambasted (or at least 'had a grumble about') Sony's PS3, describing it as "too expensive" for a games machine.

Speaking to Japanese site Mainichi, Sensui stated that despite its high price, the PlayStation 3 would not offer a significantly better experience than the Xbox 360, "Gaming is the essential role of Xbox 360 and the experience is in no way inferior to any other console."

In other news, probably of minimal interest to anyone living outside Japan, Sensui also confirmed that no price drops for Microsoft's next-gen console are on the horizon and that, while there are no plans for an HD-DVD ready version of the machine, if the standalone player is a success, Microsoft would investigate all options.