Levine: EA 'didn't give a sh*t' about Sys Shock 3

Apparently EA wasn't very interested in a sequel to System Shock 2, according to Irrational's head honcho

Irrational Games is currently beavering away on Bioshock, the game that's been widely dubbed the spiritual successor to the dev's acclaimed System Shock 2, but it turns out the studio could as easily have been developing System Shock 3 - according to Irrational boss Ken Levine, however, EA just wasn't very keen on the idea of a sequel.

Levine has reportedly revealed in an article appearing in PC Gamer (US) magazine that he actually put together a story design for System Shock 3 which EA had, but said that the publisher "didn't give a shit. It's just not their thing".

"One of the reasons I wasn't interested [in System Shock 3] is EA just didn't give a shit about that game", he said, continuing: "I think if EA were to do it, it would've been just a regular first-person shooter with a boss monster at the end".

"They [EA] didn't see it as big brand and I didn't want that uphill battle", Levine further explained. Meanwhile, he took the opportunity to praise Bioshock publisher 2K Games.

"We have a publisher who cares about this game, and they believe in this kind of game. 2K Games is the company that helped reinvigorate Elder Scrolls [with The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion] and Civilization. They believe in core games", Levine said.