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Down Your Pipe: Call of Juarez demo now available

Shooty-bang-bang Wild West FPS now yours for the taking courtesy of our games download service

Ever idly wondered what that little 'Down Your Pipe' button up top was for, in the quieter moments of your day? Ever actually clicked on it to find out? Well, if you have, then you'll know that that button right there whisks you away to our Down Your Pipe service - a magical place of joy and wonderment where, for a small fee, you can download the latest games and demos, leaving them straddling your PC until the very end of time itself (or whenever you cancel your subscription).

Anyway, the point of all this is to tell you that a brand new, rather saucy demo of Call of Juarez - Techland's gun-slinging Wild West FPS adventure - is now available for you to dabble and delight in, for all you're worth. Sporting some rather tasty visuals and possibly offering the opportunity to spank a horse and ding a spittoon, the actual full version of the game is due out later this year.

In the meantime, go clickety-click and bag yourself a kettle of Stetsons and a host of other top games!