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Microsoft prepping 'surprises' for PS3, Wii launch

Microsoft's Euro marketing manager hints at surprise PS3 and Wii spoiler tactics coming later this year

Microsoft has had almost a year as the sole competitor in the next-gen console race, but Sony and Nintendo will soon join the battle when the PlayStation 3 and Wii arrive later this year. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Microsoft is prepping a few spoiler tactics in anticipation for its competitor's console launches, according to Xbox Europe marketing manager, Richard Teversham.

"I don't want to reveal any plans at the moment because we want to keep a number of surprises up our sleeve," Teversham said, speaking to UK Trade mag MCV. "We will ensure we are good value and we'll do that through having a variety of pricing on games, a variety of pricing on console offers."

Earlier rumours suggesting a price drop for the Xbox 360 recently emerged, but Teversham ruled out the chances of any price reductions before this Christmas. With this considered, the Xbox marketing man's comments on "good value" seem to suggest a reshuffling of the current Xbox 360 bundles, perhaps bolstering them with extra accessories or games. We'll certainly see the appearance of the much-discussed HD-DVD drive add-on, to help combat the Blu-Ray-enabled PlayStation 3 and of course there might be a few more camera-related shenanagins to take on board.

Until more details arrive on Microsoft's plans, we'll have to sit on this one and see what it pulls out of its sleeve when the competition arrives in a few month's time. There'll almost certainly be further dark hints at Leipzig and X06, but if you've any thoughts or suggestions on what MS might spring, don't hesitate to shout us in the forums below.