Every Extend Extra: New Trailer

New trailer arrives for Mizuguchi's other PSP puzzler, Every Extend Extra

Q Entertainment has released a new trailer for Every Extend Extra, its PC-adapted PSP music puzzler which hits the Land of the Rising Sun tomorrow.

E3, as Q likes the game to be known, is Tetsuya Mizuguchi's own adaptation of PC shareware game, Every Extend. The game tasks you with guiding a 'cursor' around the screen avoiding enemies, and then strategically self-destructing to take out as many block-shaped nemeses as possible. If the game turns out to be anything as addictive as Q's other PSP puzzler, Lumines, then we should be in for a highly gratifying puzzling treat.

Every Extend Extra is currently penned for release on our shores on October 27, but look out for our import review, coming soon.