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Sonic Wii's on 'Fire!

New shots but not a lot else from Sega's upcoming tilt-and-thunder Sonic title

Unless you've ever strapped a hedgehog to a catapult and hit 'go', you're probably still a little bit skeptical about this whole Sonic thing. Admittedly, you've had more than enough time to come to terms with the crazy blue one's unlikely eye-searing escapades - which is why you'll probably be more than a little miffed to see that Sega's decided to flip logic even further on its head and jam Sonic into an Arabian Nights-style setting for his forthcoming, tentatively titled, Wii adventure Sonic Wild Fire.

Still, from what we played at E3 (God rest its soul), Wild Fire's Wiimote-powered tilt-and-thunder mechanics make for some surprisingly hair-raising rip-and-run hijinx, although we're still a little unsure whether Sega will manage to stretch out its rather limited framework into a full game. On the plus side, Sonic Wild Fire was one of the prettiest Wii titles on display at the show and these new shots, courtesy of Sega, go some way to demonstrating that - even if you don't really get the full effect of the game's blistering speed.


Sonic Wild Fire is set to hit Nintendo's upcoming console sometime in 2007, just so you know.