Medieval II screens rally to the flag

Fresh array of Medieval II gameplay goodness shoulders arms in fresh shot salvo

We've always fancied ourselves as one of history's great commanders (from the comfort of our own armchair naturally). And after cutting a bloody swathe across medieval Europe in the original and still rather excellent Medieval: Total War, our warmongering appetites are ignited afresh every time we see a new selection of screens from the Creative Assembly's second delve into the Medieval era.

Today's selection of new Med II screens are a particularly fine offering, showing some of the crunching combat we can look forward to in the second instalment which is charging toward release this November. We might even describe them as hotter than a pair of armoured trousers after a cavalry charge, if we were so minded, and this selection seems to have a distinctly crusading flavour which reminds a touch of Ridley Scott's Kingdom of Heaven.


Of course, what we're really looking forward to is expanding our empire into the Americas and taking on the Aztecs as Medieval II expands its frontiers to encompass a brave new world. Hopefully CA will unleash some gentle teasers on this new front in its next shot salvo, but if you'd like to know more about one of our Most Wanted strategy games, slide your eyeballs gently right where you can find more screens, a fine selection of movies and our recent interview with Med II's project director, Bob Smith.