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Vice City Stories: New details

It's na-na-na-na 1984 and you're filling the shoes of US Marine Victor Vance - VCS info splurges onto the web

A number of new details on Rockstar's GTA: Vice City Stories have emerged, courtesy of an article appearing in magazine Gamepro.

Game information present in the magazine feature has been rounded up and plastered onto the internet by to website PSP Vault, revealing initially that players will be slipping into the shoes of Victor Vance in Vice City Stories, Victor0 is a 28-year old US Marine and brother of Vice City's Lance Vance.

Apparently, Vice City Stories is significantly bigger than the original Vice City, and is set in 1984, two years prior to the events portrayed in VC. And it appears that VCS is a far more accomplished game that GTA: Liberty City Stories, Gamepro said to have described the latter Rockstar handheld title as a rookie first-gen PSP game when compared to Vice City Stories. Goodness.

Key game details appearing in magazine article have been provided in bullet-point form by PSP Vault, and we'll direct you there for the full monty but below is some what's been mentioned:

  • Players can now take on the water of Vice City with jet skis
  • A multiplayer feature similar to the PSP version of LCS is in the game
  • There's new or altered locations and buildings
  • All new vehicles and weapons
  • New weather effects that could include hurricanes
  • You can swim in the game
  • Draw distance is great and is said to be better than Vice City on PS2
  • New animations which give both the lead characters and pedestrians a whole new degree of humanity
  • Increased density of pedestrians, cars and objects
  • Far more interiors than its predecessors

Vice is nice!