Street Fight knuckles up for Xbox Live

Fire up your Broadband pipes - Capcom's long-awaited Arcade fighter has finally hit Xbox Live

It's Wednesday again, which means the mid-week tube delays are in full swing and there's a new game up for download on Xbox Live Arcade - and this week it's the one you've all been waiting for.

After months of release date confusion, Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting has finally made its way on to Live Arcade, and we can already hear fighter fans scrambling for their Xbox 360s. The Arcade edition of the classic fighter has been updated with lovely HD graphics, leaderboards, achievements and full online bouts over Xbox Live, more than enough to warrant the 800 point price tag.


It certainly seems that way for our friends over at OXM 360, who've been beating each other up all morning to bring you a mini review of the game and scoring it a very commendable 9/10.

The fighter is the fourth of five initial releases announced for Microsoft's Live Arcade Wednesdays promotion, which - funnily enough - sees a new Arcade game released every Wednesday. Next week Pac Man munches its way onto the Arcade servers, and new game announcements are expected sometime around its release.

Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting is on Xbox Live Arcade right now for 800 of your Microsoft points. Now, where did we put that Ethernet cable?