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Army of Two screens slay 'em dead

EA's dynamic duo looking hot and ready to rock in new gameplay screens

Army of Two was easily one of EA's most impressive titles at this year's last great E3, and with both PS3 and Xbox 360 coming under the AoT crosshairs, it's a double dose of carnage virtually guaranteed for the next-gen when the game eventually sees the light of day next year.

While not too much has been seen of the PS3 version, we got a big dose of Army of Two's Xbox 360 credentials this year, more of which you can read about here, but it seems some splendid co-op opportunities are in prospect, with your AI controlled team-mate (and quite possibly a real-life one too) being under your direct voice command for an all-action blastathon of the highest order.


Despite our fervent entreaties, EA has remained strangely reluctant to reveal more about the title. Until today that is, when this new array of screens debuted showing off the co-op gameplay plus some rather attractive weapon renders, where you'll see how you can upgrade your basic firearm into a ninja boomstick. For the moment though, enjoy the new shots and we'll try and press EA for even more info on this promising looking shooter on your behalf.