HOLD IT!!! Fresh Phoenix Wright 2 screens

Court in session as Capcom presents more evidence for Phoenix Wright's DS supremacy

If you've not played Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney on DS yet, consider our verdict a life-sentence on your head for being way too slow on the uptake. For those not in the know, Phoenix Wright - or Gyakuten Saiban as it's known in Japan, where the franchise has been going for yonks - is Capcom's take on the point-and-click genre, mixed in with a dollop of lawyer simming.

Thankfully, the company saw fit to launch its first Phoenix Wright title for the DS (actually a remake of the very first GBA Gyakuten Saiban) in Europe last year, to much acclaim. As a reward for our slobbering praise, Capcom is primed and ready to bring its second DS entry, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All, to the West early 2007 and we've got a bunch of new shots from the game for your to examine and slap in your evidence bags.


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All follows the path of Capcom's original DS iteration, this time providing a touch-screen makeover for part two of the GBA Gyakuten Saiban series. New editions for the DS sequel include the "Psyche-Lock" feature where you'll have to catch witnesses out with your rapier-like cunning to break down their mental barriers and find the truth. To compliment this, Phoenix Wright now has a health bar-style meter during court scenes, which depletes every time you fail to coerce information from your charges.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All is set to hit the US early next year with, hopefully, a European version to follow. Put it this way, if Nintendo Europe doesn't get its act together, there'll be more than an OBJECTION!!! - it'll be time for a couple of gavel blows to the face.