New screens make Contact

A bunch of fresh shots from Suda 51 and Grasshopper Manufacturer's forthcoming DS RPG

Despite being dry-humped by a rotund, acne-clad American youth at the time (at least, we think that's what he was trying to do - either that or he was desperate for some sort of affection and was trying to steal a reverse cuddle), Contact - the forthcoming Suda 51/Grasshopper Manufacturer DS RPG - was one of our surprise highlights of this year's E3.

Offering up a slightly bonkers tale of a marooned scientist and the boy he enlists to save his bacon, Contact is visually impressive if nothing else. Featuring an isometric pixellated viewpoint of the professor's lab on the top screen and lush hand-painted-style enviroments on the bottom for your adventuring needs, the game's graphics are one of many unique traits Contact shows.


The game has some beautifully implemented touch-screen controls, providing easy access to your combat system, inventory and other novelties such as the peel-off-and-plonk-on sticker power upgrades. And there's a huge array of foods, weapons and ability-defining costume changes and a wealth of other stuff - including Nintendo Wi-fi Connect support - that's sure to please DS fans in need of some decent RPG goodness.

Contact is currently going through the lengthy translation process and is set for release in the West this September. While we wait, you can check out these brand new screens from the game - expect some full Contact impressions in the near future.