Rule of Rose blooms in new screens

Fresh shots and concept art from 505 Games' forthcoming PS2 period survival horror

Frankly, we blame Resident Evil 4. Ever since Capcom's stunning surival horror opus wowed everyone on release, there's been a crushing dearth of decent fright-'em-ups hitting consoles, presumably because most developers took one look at Resi 4 and admitted defeat.

Thankfully though, we've seen a bit of a turn around lately with both Siren 2 and Project Zero 3 hitting PS2 over the last few months. Let's be clear about this though publishers - we're not going to be happy until our spine's so chilled, it would shatter under the weight of a sneeze. Happily though, we can add another title to the roster as the PS2's latest slice of nastiness, Rule of Rose is finally set to arrive on these shores later this year.


In anticipation of the sumptuous-looking period survival horror, publisher 505 Games has released a whole new batch of screens and concept art, showing off Rule of Rose's superbly sinister character design and beautiful CGI in all their glory - all of which you can enjoy (if that's the right word) on this page.

Rule of Rose is scheduled to hit the UK on October 20.